School bus attacked by hooligans and childrens wailing out of fear


The long run amalgamation of people, intensified protests against the movie “Padmavat” is ascending its rage on a higher pace. Even after supreme court’s order allowing the screening of the movie still the state governments negligence to protect its citizen from the dire consequences could be observed. One of the rage could be seen in Haryana, where the state roadways bus were blazed and pelted stones on Sohna Road, Gurugam. And contemporarily, hours after that protest new disturbing video has leaked online in which protesters is attacking a school bus carrying children.

As reported by NDTV, the bus was of GD Goenka World School where the bus contained students of class 2 to 12 along with them the teachers ans other staff members. As they were caught in the mob violence as pelting stones onto bus, the video which was leaked depicted a terrifying moments where younger kids were found wailing on phones.

NDTV also added that, the video also captured scenes depicting that teachers were hiding inside the bus to cover themselves from the hailing stones and right behind their bus was a state run bus which was put on fire by the mob in afternoon period. It was alleged that the activists of karni sena blazed a Haryana Roadways bus near village Bhondsi in Gurugram.

Despite of the supreme court’s order and Haryana Police’s and also Haryana director general of police BS Sandhu warned the troublemakers that no one would be allowed to do hooliganism which disturbs the society at large in the wake of the controversial movie’s release tomorrow, still the disruption is happening. A police officier in Gurugam claimed that, “A bus was burnt in the incident and no loss of life happened.”
The chaos happening constantly in the public areas to vandalized people screening the movies is increasing as like which happened on January 21 where the hooligans carried sharp edged weapons and sticks, they broke the glasses panes of shops in the mall.

And with that the fringe groups and mob threatened the multiplex, theatres and cinema hall owners not to screen the movie otherwise they have to face dire consequences but on the other hand on January 25, the police has said that it would provide adequate security to the cinema halls that screen the movie.

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