Self Proclaimed Sadhvi Compared Pehlu Khan’s Murder Accused With Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Azad


New Delhi : She congratulating him for his actions on 1 April which led to the untimely death of 55-year-old Pehlu Khan.

Vipin Yadav, who was present at the college in Behror to appear for his annual examination under judicial custody, Sadhvi was seen talking to him and congratulating him for his act of killing 55 year old Pehlu Khan.

In a Viral video she was seen congratulation Vipin and she also said “Poora Bharat tere saath mein hai, aur hum apne desh mein aise kaam nahi karenge toh kahan karenge. Koi bhi toh na jhuke, aur na he tujhe kisi prakar ki chinta karne ki avashakta hai. (The entire country is with you. If we won’t do such things in our country then where else. One shouldn’t give in. You shouldn’t worry about anything).”


She ask him about his food he gets in Jail: “Aur araam se achchhe se khana peena barhiya de rahe hai (Are you well and eating well)?”

As Yadav nodded and seen little scared, she asked him to talk without any hesitation. “Chinta na kar tu. Tu ghabraya hua kaise bol raha hai beta (You don’t worry. You seem to be scared).” Vipin said: “Nahi hai aisi koi baat (No, there is no such matter).”

She then turned to his parents and termed him the “Bhagat Singh and (Chandra Shekhar) Azad of today.”

She is the same Sadhvi whose group had shut down a Hotel in Jaipur over rumours that it was having a “beef party” and also feeding beef to cows.”

She told Yadav not to sit idle in jail but spread the message of sacrificing lives while protecting cows. “You must teach everyone in jail to say jai gau mata).” Speaking to The Indian Express, the sadhvi said, “What you heard in the video is right.”

Source : IE



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