Self Style Nationalist Journalist Tried to Target a Student, Got Nailed Back Instantly


New Delhi : It has become a tradition for few politicians, political parties supporters and journalists to target dissent voices by dragging soldiers, nationalism and religion when they cannot withstand alone to justify their rhetoric pseudo-nationalism.


A TV News Anchor / Journalist Manak Gupta of News 24 channel tried to target a Delhi student Gur Mehar Kaur who was in news recently for her stand against the violent assault of ABVP students on JNU and Ramjas college students.

Manak tweeted “Kid, your father died fighting for his motherland, was he wrong?” by attaching her placard picture which went viral.

Screen shot of Manak Gupta Tweet in which he targeted Gur Mehar Kaur, he later deleted this tweet after backlash.

We have usually witnessed this types of ‘targeted posts’ are intended to send a signal to social media trolls group which starts brutal verbal assault against the victim so that they feel powerless and scared, things get worse and ugly if the target is female as trolls resorts for sexual harassment.

But this time it got opposite because many people stood on the right time to defend these types ‘online attacks’.

Many people slammed the journalist which made him delete his tweet

Salil Tripathi, a prominent news editor tweeted

And then, the support started pouring in with many journalists and commoners raised voice against his targeted post.


Finally Gur Mehar Kaur decided to put her defence and this is what she said


He tried to target Rana Ayub but failed again miserably

In this virtual era of virtual world where trolls can easily abuse and harass anyone, Manak Gupta has tried to endangered Gur Mehar Kaur’s personal life with his pseudo-nationalism.



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