“Selling pakodas better than unemployment”Amit shah’s remark generates outrage


It is better to earn a living selling pakodas instead of being unemployed, BJP president Amit Shah said in his debut speech in the Rajya Sabha on Monday .

“Selling pakodas is not shameful, what is shameful is comparing such a person to a beggar,” Mr. Shah said in an election campaign-style speech .He made this statement as he picked on RahulGandhi’s Gabbar Singh Tax” jibe made during the Gujarat Assembly polls campaign .Trying to give it an emotional twist, he said the money collected from the GST paid for social welfare schemes. “It goes into the bank account of jawans for giving one rank, one pension. It goes into the bank account of widows of martyrs. It goes towards giving the poor women clean cooking fuel,” he said.

Shah’s pakoda remarks evokes a lot of response on Twitter ,Pakoda grabbed the limelight .People questioned the logic behind his statement ,asked “should all unemployed youth should start selling pakodas ?? “While unemployment has shown an increase post GST Shah’s remark has created an

outrage on social media with #PakodaRepublic .



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