Serial abuser TV Journalist Jagruti Shukla’s account suspended after her anti-Muslims tweet went viral


Jagriti Shukla who proudly claims to be a nationalist journalist today again tried instigate people with sensational tweet calling for violence .

“They Killed us in Trains,Hijacked our Planes,held us Hostage in Hotels,Forced us to Flee #Kashmir & now Killing us for holding the Tricolor on #RepublicDay

Truth is, We Live in Fear, NOT They.

NO More.Always Carry Lethal Weapons, KILL them,before they KILL us.


Her tweet generated widespread criticism and SM users reported her tweet for inciting violence .Although later she tried to clarify her tweet stating that she was referring to the terrorist and not any particular community but people didn’t buy her bluff .This nationalist journalist is a repeat offender ,many times previously she has made mischievous statements with an aim to provoke and degrade others .

This tweet clearly exposes her casteist nature ,she is one of the group who don’t spare any opportunity to instigate people against minorities

“1.I wasn’t referring to any Religion
2.Muslims are the Fastest growing community in India at 24.6%(2011 Census),will u blame them?
3.Bhakt logic is Outdated
4.Who in the Blue Hell are you to call Hindu Gods Stupid?
Me targeting Terrorists is Offensive,u abusing Hindu Gods is FoE? “

Update : Currently we see below screen after accessing her account, we believe her account is suspended by twitter after many user reporter her tweet for review. This error could also come if user deactivates their account. So there are chances she would have deactivated her account for deleting old abusive tweets.



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