Shashi Tharoor Rubbishes Allegations, Calls Republic TV A ‘TRP Hungry, Third-Rate, Toilet Roll’


 “For me, it is not about the TRPs of the third-rate digital outfit, they’re basically the digital equivalent of a toilet roll, I don’t wish to participate in this.” Shashi Tharoor during his press interview.

Thrivantapuram : Congress Leader Shashi Tharoor on Tuesday rubbished the allegations made by Arnab Goswami’s as “misrepresentations and outright lies” after Arnab played alleged Call Record tapes on Republic TV to question Tharoor’s actions after his wife Sunanda Pushkar’s died in 2014.


Tharoor on Twitter and Facebook posted that the accusations were “exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations and outright lies”, and called the anchor “an unprincipled showman masquerading as a journalist”.

A Congress member of Parliament from Thiruvananthapuram, Tharoor lamented that “someone would exploit a human tragedy for personal gain and TRPs”, and challenged Goswami “to prove his false claims in a court of law”.

Earlier this morning, in a short press conference, Tharoor further denied the allegations, stating that the police were always aware of the “new evidence” being offered by Goswami. Things got a little heated when Tharoor grabbed a Republic reporter who kept interrupting him, and invited him to take over the press conference.

But once things settled down, Tharoor stated that he had no time to indulge in a battle with Goswami’s channel. And in a brutal sign-off, he called both Goswami and Republic TV out in the most casually savage way possible an “third rate and toilet roll’

” It really saddens and angers me that someone would try to exploit a personal tragedy in this recklessly irresponsible way.” Tharoor told reporters.

He said “The full facts of all circumstances that have been mentioned and distorted in yesterday’s broadcast are known to the police.”

But suddenly Republic News reporter tried to intimidated Shashi Tharoor to which he responded by pushing him back slightly.

Republic Reporter : Why are you manhandling  me?

Tharoor : Please take over, please come and speak. I’m offering you a platform

But Republic took this intimidation of its reporter and alleged Tharoor manhandled him, its curious to know why Republic sent 3 reporters to cover this news, all of them were desperate and intimidating.


“The Media has very important role as a witness. the media does not have a role of being prosecutor, judge, and executioner.” said Mr Tharoor.

“as far as I’m concerned,  I have a lot of work to do as an MP of this constituency. i’m here to serve. If somebody else would like to hear the sound of their own voice and be the news, they’re welcome to it.”

He then concluded the press conference by attacking Republic TV,  “For me, it is not about the TRPs of the third-rate digital outfit. they’re basically the digital equivalent of a toilet roll, I don’t wish to participate in this.”

On January 17, 2014, Sunanda Pushkar had been found dead in a 5-star hotel suite in Delhi. On the night before her death, she had got into a spat with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar on Twitter over the latter allegedly getting too close for comfort to Tharoor

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