Shehla Rashid Destroyed Media’s Hypocrisy After Silence On BJP’s Man Links With ISI


New Delhi : JNU Student Union Leader Shehla Rashid has bashed out on Media and BJP for keeping silent over  11 ISI agents arrested in Madhya Pardesh on Espionage charges.

Indian media which ran a media trail on JNU student Umar Khalid linking him with Pakistan and JeM with doctored videos, which led to his arrest on sedition charges are silent on 11 ISI helpers who were arrested from MP, according to source one of the accused arrested by ATS is identified as Dhruv Saxena was a BJYM member (BJP’s Youth Wing) and had worked for BJP IT Cell.


Shehla Rashid, the 28 years old firebrand from JNU is famous for her fierce speeches which, when delivered can attract thousands of crowd tweeted :-

” JNU ke @UmarKhalidJNU ka JeM link to nahi nikla, lekin BJP ke prominent neta Dhruv Saxena ka ISI link nikla!

Where is the outrage?”

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Exactly an year ago a controversy was started by media after a doctored video which was allegedly created by Smriti Irani’s Ex aide Shilpi Tiwari was aired by Zee News and other channels. They immediately linked Umar Khalid with Pakistan’s terror organisation JeM without even trying to authenticate the sources.

Umar Khalid after he was released  said “I never followed Islam but I was called Islamist terrorist. It was not just my trial but entire Muslim community’s trial. But I want to ask what if I was practising Muslim? What if I came from Azamgarh and wore a skull cap? That will be enough to give me a terrorist certificate”.

Is this reality? Looking at the present actions from a section of media who are pro-government and has leaning towards Right Wing ideology, we have no doubts they are as guilty as those criminals waging war against the country and its citizens.




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