Shocking : This woman chopped off her husband’s nose after he caught her with paramour in compromising position

(Picture courtesy : Danik Bhaskar)

Jhansi / Uttar Pradesh : In a shocking incident, an unfaithful wife with the help of her paramour chopped off her husband’s nose after he caught them naked in compromising position. Not just that, but the victim was beaten by his in-laws too.

According to Dainik Bhaskar, the victim identified as Shahid who resides at Premnagar in Jhansi, got married on 11 Sep 2013. With in few weeks of their marriage, she returned to her parents house and put a condition that she will only return back if Shahid rents another home separate from his parents. She returned back when he rented a small house.




Illicit affair

Shahid alleges that when ever he used to leave for work, her paramour would visit the home to meet her, when he questioned his visitings she told he is like her brother.

On the day of incident, he returned home earlier than usual at 6:00 PM, when he reached the door to knock, he heard his wife talking with a man. Curiously he peeped through the window and what he witnessed made him shattered in disbelief. His wife was naked with her lover in a compromising position.

When he knocked the door, they didn’t opened till 30 minutes. Finally when the doors were opened, her lover caught him from behind and she slit his nose with a sharp knife.

Meanwhile Shahid’s in-laws too reached the place and instead of being ashamed of her, they started beating Shahid and escaped the scene along with the girl when neighbours gathered and reported what she was doing.

The unfaithful wife of Shahid who chopped off his nose after getting caught red handed (Photo : Dainik Bhaskar)

Police said they have registered the case and searching the culprits who are absconding after the incident.


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