Six brave cops carried a pregnant woman in snowy weather for 10 kms in Shimla


Shimla, Himachal Pradesh : The mountainous city Shimla has witnessed heavy snow fall this year. Residents and tourists in Shimla are having a tough time dealing with the cold, with temperatures almost dipping below the freezing point. The roads are blocked, the electricity is off, and the daily life is disrupted. But amid all of that, a heartwarming story has emerged that will restore faith in Police.


A 23-year-old woman identified as Kamini from the Bhont village in Shimla started experiencing labour pain on January 9. But there was no way for her to reach a hospital because the region was covered in snow. Since all roads were blocked, she was even denied an ambulance. Desperate for any help, she and her mother called up 108 — the emergency number.


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The heroes who carried Kamini for 10 kms. 


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23 years old Kamini who was struck due to snowy weather.


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Kamini delivered a healthy baby.



Kamini and her mother had lost all hope when six Shimla policemen came to their rescue. But for their amaze the cops straddled Kamini to a cot, covered her in a warm blanket, and carried her for over three hours on their shoulders walking a distance of 10 kms, wading through heavy snow and bearing severe cold.


The brave caravan reached the Kamla Nehru Hospital a little after 9.30 pm after covering a distance of 10 km! Thanks to the cops, Kamini underwent a successful surgery where she delivered a healthy baby girl.

After reading stories like these prove that there will always be those brave souls who will put their lives at risk to help others in need.


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