“Son of Haryana BJP chief would’ve raped me if cops did not showed up on time”- Harassed Victim


“I am thankful, if the police did not come, then the BJP state president’s son would have raped me. I could have been killed too, it was very scary 45 minutes. Everyone heard the matter from the mouth of the girl. I ran the car and they continued to follow me. The breath was dry for 45 minutes, I could be raped or killed”. A high profile case of tampering kept the senses of Chandigarh Police throughout the day. Eventually the case was registered and the accused got bail too. The victim was the daughter of Haryana’s IAS and the son of Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala’s son Vikas Barala and his friend Ashish.

But this kind of incident took place on the middle road with the girl, after questioning the UT police. The fear of the Chandigarh Police, which claims women’s protection, proved to be cold in front of politician’s son. The victim said that she had given up till the hope of reaching safe house. After the arrest of the accused by the bravery and vigilance of the young woman, she expressed her pain and fear on Facebook. After being informed by the Chandigarh Police on arrival at the earliest opportunity, thanking themselves as fortunate.

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On the charge of molestation and molestation of a senior IAS of Haryana Cadre, the Chandigarh Police has arrested Vikas Barala, son of Haryana BJP President Subhash Barla and his friend Ashish Kumar. Sector-26 police station has registered a case under section 354D (molestation), 341 (attempt to halt) and Motor Vehicle Act Section 185 of the IPC against both the accused. The Safari carriage of the accused (HR-23G 1008) has also been seized.


Due to the connection of the bail bond, the two accused were granted bail only on Saturday afternoon, three o’clock in the afternoon from the police station. The accused are students of LLB at Kurukshetra University. According to the police, in the control room of the police at 12 o’clock in the night, the victim informed that two youths are following him from Sector 7.

On receiving the information, police and PCR van arrested the accused from Chandigarh Housing Board. The girl told that the accused tried to overtake her car three times. After arrest, the two accused were taken to the Sector 26 Police Station. The girl also reached the police station at night. He called his brother to the police station and complained against the accused.

The matter of putting a non-bailable offense till noon, later granted bail

BJP Haryana State President Subhash Barala

There was tremendous pressure on the Chandigarh police when there was a high-profile case. In the morning, top police officials told the media that the accused could have a non-bailable offense. It was believed that the accused would go behind the bars. But in the afternoon, the police told that action is being taken against the accused under the bailable warrant. Sources claim that the BJP’s top leaders have pressurized the Chandigarh police. However, the police say that action has been taken only on the basis of the statement of the victim. There is no non-bailable section under the statement given under section 164.


DSP East Satish Kumar said that after catching the accused, both of them were made medical. Their mouth was smelling of alcohol. There was also confirmation of drinking alcohol in the investigation. Subsequently, the case was registered against the accused under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Update on Story :

The non-bailable charge of attempting to abduct under section 365 of the IPC and section 511, which relates to attempt to commit an offence punishable with life or other imprisonment, had also been pressed against the two.

This is the second time that Vikas and his friend Kumar have been arrested in the stalking case, which has triggered a nation-wide outrage and a spate of protests.

The two were earlier arrested on Saturday following the woman’s complaint but released on bail as they had been booked under bailable sections of the IPC and the Motor Vehicles Act.



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