BJP is finding tough time in UP, empty chairs leaves BJP party leaders Disappointed


Sonbhadra / Uttar Pradesh : BJP is trying every strategy to win the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections this year. The party is working very hard to gather supporters throughout the state. But luck is not doing well for BJP after the massive attendance in a rally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Lucknow.

A recent BJP campaign rally in Sonbhadra district, Uttar Pradesh witnessed so little crowd that the party leaders faces were left disappointed.


Though Narendra Modi is a crowd puller, his magic failed to work at a party’s matti-tilak-pratigya programme organised recently at RTS club ground at Robertsganj in Sonebhadra district of Uttar Pradesh. The sparse crowd has raised eyebrows of the Bhartiya Janata Party leaders. According to the reports, there was a thin crowd. Not even one hundred people converged on the occasion. Chairs were empty. A very shocking scene persisted.

Farmers hailing from various districts of the Pradesh were attending the sammelan. They brought clay of their regions with them. Applying the clay on the farmers’ forehead the party’s district president Ashok Mishra pledged to bring the party into power in Uttar Pradesh. He also emphasised upon overall development of the farmers which in his view could be possible only after bringing BJP rule in the state.
Addressing the farmers in this matti-tilak-pratigya sammelan the chief guest Nagendra Raghuvanshi pointed out that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi was attempting hard to wipe up the hydra-headed monster of the black money from the country. This had even disturbed the opposition parties like the Congress Party, Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party in the state where assembly election was just around the corner.


He also added that the hoarders were also not at ease due to policies adopted at the apex level. But Modiji’s policies were getting success owing to the massive support of the common people. The political parties were irritated immensely. These opposition parties were trying to check Modiji.

When area people were questioned over poor public response at the sammelan, they responded that the farmers were annoyed with the demonetization decision. It was their disappointment which seemed to have distanced them from the programme. More than this they failed to sow their seasonal crops on time. Their yields did not bring proper profits.They were even weeping blood in anguish due to failure in obtaining the cost. They bemoaned of fewer returns from lower vegetables’ rate in the market even. That was why they were unhappy with the BJP which once promised them Mungeri Lal Ke Haseen Sapne as common run of the society answered.

Although the BJP is bent upon winning UP polls this time yet every strategy is not proving successful for achieving its aim. Various meetings and programmes are being organised to enlarge its support base but the example of Sonebhadra tells a different story. It is for the past six months it is holding backwards class sammelans, parivartan yatras and mahila sammelans in order to reach at number one. But such flop show conveys a totally reverse view which compels the party to ponder over seriously.


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