Sri-Ram Sena activists desecrated Shri Ram’s banners to spark communal riots

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Just because it is our (Hindu) community not the minority (Muslims)  whose sentiments are hurt nobody is here , if it was Minority community’s issue you would see all MP’s & MLA’s and etc would have come here by now.How dare they insult our Gods ,this city has become Bhatkal of the North ranted Siddalinga Mahaswami aka Andola Muthya on Oct 13, 2016 in an address to the Sene workers during a meeting held at Sri Sharanabasaveshwara Temple referring to the Gobar smearing on a Shri Ram cut out of Vijay Dashmi.

Gulbarga/Karnataka : Shahabad police have arrested 6 people,  a couple of them are said to have been in links with the Sri-Ram Sena itself. The Gulbarga SP Mr N Shashi Kumar said to reporters here that : [box type=”shadow” align=”alignleft” class=”” width=”650″]”some men here were allegedly linked with RamSena and some other right wing organisations. We will look into these links and explore any conspiracy if possible”. [/box]

N Shashi Kumar, in his narration said that a youth had posted an objectionable post about Muslim community, he was arrested after the Muslim community objected and lodged an FIR. The Accused did this to create communal tension , but we arrested him in 2 hours and that is why nothing much happened . So , On 12 Oct Some 6-8 people who are with different organisations planned this activity to create communal tensions.”

Deccan Digest images
Deccan Digest images

“I do not mean to say that ShriRamSena activists have done this, What i mean to say that some of these people have identified themselves with Shri Ramsena” He added.

These people have done this thinking that they cant be identified and arrested and therefore there will be Major Communal tensions which was averted by police which worked hard to crack the case. I congratulate My team and people of both the communities who kept their faith in Police Department”.

Deccan Digest Images
Deccan Digest Images

Full report in video :

Source : Deccan Digest



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