A woman who protested by undressing infront of RBI is the naked reality of emerging India


KANPUR: No reaction on a topless woman at RBI gate in New Delhi. No TV channel discussed this topic with as much vehemence as they argued the molestation cases. What a contradiction! When the banks are busy in sorting out the consumers’ currency related complexities, there should certainly not be any hindrance in trouble-free transactions.

Prominent news daily Hindustan Times reported that a topless woman sat topless at RBI gate in Delhi. Although she had to do this in her frustration yet no leader or social worker or even AAP activists have condemned it for whatever reason they might be aware of.


The reports were: A woman failed in her attempt to deposit a few junked currency notes at the regional office of Reserve Bank of India in New Delhi recently. The guards forcefully removed her away. Furious with this she took off her clothes and sat topless in front of the bank’s iron gate. Later the police carried her to the police station.

Important point was that she was also carrying a child with her. Double-standard of the politicians and women social workers has been exposed here by overlooking this matter with a human touch. When the senior citizens present on the spot showed sympathy with her by reiterating the PM’s pledge, why the conscientious people are not raising her voice loudly.

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Modi ji ne na sirf desh ki economy ko barbad kiya balki desh ki izzat ko bhi sare aam nanga kardiya!!
Credit : News Nation

Posted by Irony of India on Wednesday, 4 January 2017


We can remember how the Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a promise of exchanging old notes at select RBI offices till March 31, 2017. We have also seen several were also complaining of the non-acceptance of the scrapped notes on the TV news channels. But their voice seems to have impacting none.

Even they were overheard reacting why are they deprived of depositing scrapped notes after December 30, 2016. Why do only non-resident Indians are allowed to deposit scrapped notes at the RBI offices?
In such unpleasant condition, the public definitely requires customer-friendly banking operations. Such surprising information dazes the consumers very much.


A topless woman with a child in her lap turned out shameless in disappointment and her cry goes unheard in the wilderness. What an irony of the time! This suggests that people, the politicians and the pert promoters have no time to look at a woman depressed with preventable inattention.

Where are those women crusaders dying for women’s cause at the time atrocities committed on the other sex? Nothing could be more imperfect than woman’s disregard. Few things are more humiliating even in the news because of its real forcefulness. It is a real route to make a hapless woman feel ashamed and foolish by injuring her dignity and pride by showing hatred which even our own Father of the Nation rejected vehemently.


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