Exposing the fake picture of Surgical strikes going viral

(Google images)
(Google images)

“Not everything on internet is true “

Internet is a interesting source where you will find many things, one of them is ‘fake virals’  and we have promised ourselves that when ever we find one, we will expose it.

Recently a post on Facebook went viral, it’s about the recent controversial  “Indian army’s surgical strikes” in PoK which gained every Indians attention.

A Facebook user,  who claims to be a Traveller and freelance writer for multiple news media with around 50k followers posted on her account a month ago. The Facebook post has a Indian Army picture with a caption

“Those brave Indian soldiers who went inside PoK to conduct Surgical Strikes has made 1.25 billions Indians proud, none of us know their names , they are like “foundation bricks”  who carry the burden of whole building yet remain anonymous without any praise or publicity, that’s it! They live in obscurity with their sacrifice, duty, patriotism and dedication like a staute ” 

Though she hasn’t directly claimed this image is of Special Para Commandos who carried the Surgical Strike Ops, the people who saw it started sharing the post by claiming them as one. The post received over 172k Likes, 16,000 comments and shares.

Original post from Facebook.

The fact is, this picture was taken during Indradhanush-IV: Indo-UK bilateral Air Exercise conducted in UK of IAF Special Forces Garud Commandos last year in 2015.

Pinterest.com Image
Pinterest.com Image


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