Sushil Kumar Modi Tried to Troll Lalu Prasad Yadav, Got Trolled Back


BJP achieved a landslide victory in UP elections. Wishes are flowing around so are leaders reactions. From Mayawati calling a press conference and accusing BJP of poll rigging to leaders dancing to the tune of BJP victory, leaders are taking the centre stage right now.

In such a chaotic and exciting atmosphere, Sushil Kumar Modi tried to troll Lalu Yadav over tweeter on the grand victory of BJP, but instead he got trolled back from Lalu Yadav.


Sushil Modi Tweet :

(Lalu Yadav, How are you?)

Lalu  Yadav Replied :

(All Okay, Seems like, BJP did very good by keeping you out from UP.)

One cannot mingle with Lalu Yadav. He will always come out with a better comeback!



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