Sushma Swaraj extended help to Russian tourist who was found begging at Chennai Temple

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An Russian tourist A. Evangelin (24), sitting at Sri Kumarakottam temple in Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu was seeking alms caught nation’s eye, MEA Sushma Swaraj offered help.

Chennai: A. Evangelin (24), who came to India on September 24 and arrived in Kancheepuram on Tuesday morning from Chennai with valid passport and visa. After visiting few temples, going to ATM kiosk near the Kumarakottam temple on West Raja Street in the morning he couldn’t withdraw money as the PIN got locked.


The police said, “An apparently getting frustated Evangelin then decided to beg for alms at the temple entrance.”

The Siva Kanchi police, reached to him and helped to move out from his situation, thereafter by checking his travel documents he was funded with some money to travel to chennai.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has come to the aid of a Russian national after news about him seeking alms at a temple in Tamil Nadu went viral.

“Evangelin — Your country Russia is our time tested friend. My officials in Chennai will provide you all help,” Ms Swaraj tweeted late on Tuesday night.

The devotees were surprised to see a foreigner seeking alms and alerted the police, an officer said, adding he was taken to a police station where they checked his travel documents.

The police said his travel documents were in order and he had a valid visa till next month. They also gave him some money and asked him to go to Chennai.

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