Sushma Swaraj Set To Rescue Back Indian Woman Harassed In Pakistan By Her Husband


Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj has sought the Indian High Commissioner in Pakistan to renew Mohammadia Begum passport and send her back to India who was being harassed by her husband.

Today on twitter she said Indian consulate is in touch with the Pakistan police to give updates on the progress of her case.

Father of Mohammadia Begum earlier sent her a video message in January after which Sushma Swaraj asked the Indian consulate to look in the matter.


Mohammadia Begum pleaded to rescue her back

Cheated and tortured by her husband

Mohammadia Begum who was born in Hyderabad complained her father about  being harassed by her Pakistani husband in Lahore, her father made a passionate appeal for help to external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj in January.

Mohammadia Begum, a resident of Bandalguda, Hyderabad was married to Mohammed Younis, who pretended to be an Omani national, in 1996. The nikah was done on the telephone and she joined Younis, a mechanic, in Muscat. After 12 years of marriage, Begum got a shock when Younis disclosed soon after he lost his job that he was a Pakistani.


According to TOI reports her father Mohammad Akbar said “After finding out about my distressed daughter, I just hate my son-in-law. He not only cheated us about his nationality, but he is also harassing Begum and torturing her. For the last three months, she has been calling us and making desperate pleas for help,”

“Baba, do whatever you can to save me. I am unable to bear the torture at the hands of Younis and want to return to India,” Akbar quoted his 44-year-old daughter as having said.

Looking back, he and his family wonder why they didn’t do more checks. “My family and I have always been proud Indians. We should have checked his nationality ,” said Akbar, who has appealed to foreign minister Sushma Swaraj for help. Akbar performed the marriage without meeting his son-in-law or his family and trusted a middleman, underscoring how thousands of unsuspecting Indian women become victims of bad marriages that are fixed by unscrupulous brokers.


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