Taimur : Grisly Past Details Emerge In A Name

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KANPUR: While the debate over his name and fake pictures seem to be ending, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan have arrived home with baby Taimur and posed for the shutterbugs with daddy Saif holding Junior Pataudi in his arms. Kareena, who gave birth to baby Taimur on Tuesday at Mumbai’s Breach Candy hospital, was discharged on Thursday.

Name does have significant meaning and also brings too much controversy indigenous society. That is why a child who is not even a week old is unaware of hue and cry outside. There are a group of people showing disapproval or contempt towards the name. It is Name versus Name! New-born member of the Pataudi family has earned fame at a very early age. Though his forefathers were also popular during their times. The popularity of the boy’s parents needs no mention. The kid is lucky, fortunate and blessed indeed.


If Kapoors and Pataudis are elated at the birth of a baby boy and drinking the joy every moment, verily the topic of conversation for others has quickly shifted to their dislike of the name. On one hand, the Kapoor family find a sunny boy, the Pataudi royal family’s joys know no bound by the arrival of a sunny scion. What seemed good for the two families has been preferred in naming the child but so clamour over the name is unjustified. It is quite clear to everyone that simple, meaningful and auspicious name is kept after parents’ choice. Getting angry at people’s disgust over the name by comparing the infant’s name to the fourteenth century Mongol invader, Rishi Kapoor has blasted the haters trolling baby’s name as this and that. He pointed out that it was nobody’s business what the star couple had chosen to name their little one. Why were people so bothered at child’s name?

Every name has its own meaning and Taimur means iron. What is the logic behind linking this name with the historical figure Taimur? The deep anger around naming of the Saif-Kareena’s son shows the idea just opposite to secularism. Invaders’ barbarity is being used to attack present-day Muslims. There is a school of thought which represent Indian history with barbarism and punitive actions on the Hindus by the then rulers. It is due to this controversial reason it becomes easier to criticise every point in a very attacking way. Someone has asked dear Anupam Kher uncle why you have kept your son’s name Sikander after Alexander who invaded India and killed thousands of people. But there are people terming Timur as villain and Alexander as hero. Whatever it is today’s situation must not be equated with those medieval notions. Historians have corrected it too. Alexander and Sikander were no saints, said Rishi Kapoor adding that these are a common name in the world.

If we take into account a report, we find that the name of the Prophet of Islam is the second most favourable name for the boys globally. It has been seen in a survey that Muhammad (PBUH) and its spelling variants remained as the second most popular name in the United Kingdom. Captivatingly, this name has also been achieved popularity in Israel, according to the Jewish State Government Statistical Office Report (2014).
The appeal of the name is tremendous and it cannot be dismissed by saying that there is nothing ultimate and enduring behind any name. ‘What is in a name’ was written by the Bard of Avon William Shakespeare centuries ago but Swift thinking differently said that ‘the reason of every man is weak and wavering perpetually swayed and turned by his interests, passions and his vices.’ Naming is truly one of the last socially accepted sorts of the chauvinist conduct. The name is also a prosaic side of our mortal life.

A name has a definite social value which goads an individual for retaining a certain kind of dignity all the time. Why do human beings hanker after the name profusely? There must be some reasons for it. A name is important because it carries some weight. It might have been this motivation at the back of carrying the name of Einstein on Israel’s currency.


Although the mighty men struggled hard to maintain their prestige with their name yet the women also sought complete right of preserving their name intact after marriage. India, Japan and America are mostly talked of countries where they are fighting for their rights. Whether the name is conventional or unconventional, one gets ample identification with one’s name.

However, the bizarre or common name has genuinely endorsed variations. People are confronting with some prank, some spontaneous proposal, some realistic joke, some sudden inhospitality and some sudden desertion due to the varied names in daily conversational habit. Name is always found dissimilar in several ways. We stand by commonly celebrated name, first name, middle name, last name, birth name, pet name, legal name, school name, family name and etc. We have a tendency to either attaching the parental name or the territory name or the social group name with our distinctive respective names. There is a lot of back and forth in the discussion until it’s not stopped.

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