Tamil Nadu : Hundreds of Cows Died Due to Lack of Water and Fodder, No ‘Gau-Rakshak’ Around

Over 300 cows died in Tamil Nadu a month ago (image courtesy :BCCL)

Tamil Nadu : You have seen farmers from Tamil Nadu protesting at Jantar Mantar for over a month, but cattle which are suffering due to drought cannot protest and who those claim to be Rakshak are no where around to help them.


Drought has not only affected crops and farmers in the state, it has also affected cattle. According to local source, in the last five months, almost five cows have died every day in Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiris district alone. In villages of Moyar, Masinagudi, Balacola which are small villages, has lost nearly 300 livestock. The reason for the deaths is lack of green fodder and water.

Gau rakshak who usually beat and killed people on street for transporting cows for farming, while their political leader don’t even feel regret over killing of human are silently watching it, why they are not going to help Cow in Tamil Nadu? This might be because TN is not ruled by the government which supports radical groups who lynch and beat humans for livelihood, and turn vigilantism into extortion racket.


R Narayanan, 45, a farmer in Moyar told reporter, he alone had lost more than 50 cows due to drought in the last six months. “Even today, nearly five cows have not returned after grazing. I will have to go check tomorrow if they are alive,” he said.

Masinagudi another farmer also said, He has lost almost 20 cattle last week in the village. “The revenue officials are always informed about it but no steps are taken. They do not even conduct post-mortem,” said a farmer.

 Farmer said most of the time doctors are not paid by the district authorities for conducting postmortems on the carcasses. “So, doctors refuse to come and ask us to click pictures and cut open the cows on our own. We refused to do that and dumped the carcasses,” he said. “These cows were not just our livelihood but a part of our lives as well. I spent nearly 8 lakhs in the last year to get fodder for my cows. Yet, I could not save them,” he said.


According to S Bharatidasan of Arulagam, a member of an NGO,  he says “I found newarly 59 decomposed bodies of cows in just 1KM while i was visiting to a village in the Nilgiris” and “I was shocked to find 59 decomposed bodies of cows in just one sq km area. he further says,  If the same cows were killed by a tiger, it will be a national issue,” he said, adding that almost all the cows had lots of plastic waste in their intestines. “Lack of fodder must have made them eat garbage,” he said.

Source : India Times



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