Telengana: Gau Rakshaks attack Dalits in Nalgonda for cooking beef in their hotel


Nalgonda, Telangana: In yet another vicious attack by ‘Gau Rakshaks’, a dalit family was allegedly beaten in Dalit colony of Chandur in Nalgonda District, according to local media, RSS activits barged in to the colony and threatened them with dire consequences if they slaughter bovine for their hotel business, ‘ they will also be slaughtered’.


According to reports, RSS activits shamelessly not only abused dalit woman but also attacked another dalit family and handed them over to police by taking their bovine from them.

The local Dalits protested saying that are they required to take permission from anyone to cook anything in their houses? Dalits demanded police to register case against ‘Gau Rakshaks’, however a counter FIR was also demanded by the Gau Rakshaks who pressurized police to lodge a complaint on the Dalit family.

It is reported that these activists went into the hotel which is maintained by a Dalit and demanded donation for Ganesh festival. When he refused, they damaged the hotel. Various Dalit organizations condemned this incident and stressed the need to take stern action against the miscreants.

The coming of BJP to power at the Center led to a sharp increase in Mob Lynching. Victims of these crimes are largely Dalits and Muslims.


BJP eyes for Telangana

BJP president Amit Shah is slated to pay a three-day visit to Telangana from September 10. The BJP strategy in Telangana would be to “expose Muslim appeasement” by the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS), and other major parties in the state, particularly the Communists and Congress.

In every case of mob lynching, there is a rumour spread through social media or orally within before the violence erupts; the most obvious fact remains that the victims of lynching are mostly Muslims or Dalits.

The emergence of Gau Rakshaks was a sort of trial made by BJP to check whether the implementation of the ultra-right ideology and violent means would prove successful for the party in the near future. The BJP has reaped success after success as a result of these criminal activities.



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