The cunning King and his helpless Kingdom

Picture for representation purpose (
Picture for representation purpose (

Once upon a time, not very long ago, in a distant land, there used to live a king, he was very found of praising himself and making his own portraits. Once in a week he used to address his kingdom and express how he feels without asking about their feelings.

He had his loyal army which he prepared them for decades, they were so loyal to him that they could not bear any dissent voice against him. They used to abuse anyone who speak against him, sometimes beat and sometimes even kill them. And if someone approach him complaining about the cruelty of his loyal army, he used to yell at his loyalists in front of them, and even ask them to beat him and not his people, but once they leave he used to reward them for their loyalty.

For years, the King used to make promises to bring golden age for the poor people of his kingdom, but in reality the rich merchants of his kingdoms were becoming richer and the poor became poorer. He was providing huge loans to his rich merchants from the public treasures. But then, a day came when all his public treasure became empty, and he got worried about it, he called his courtiers and rich merchants and disclosed his worrisome condition, they gave him an advise.

The next day , King announced to his people that from the evening,  gold and silver coins will  not be accepted anymore to make trade in his kingdom, he made it illegal, he told his people that this step is been taken to bring Golden age for them, and all the people were commanded to exchange them with new brass and iron coins which will now be accepted in trading with in 10 weeks. This sudden and shocking decision of king spread fears and anguish among the people, few started questioning that how unfair the decision is, why will they give their hard earning gold and silver coins in exchange of brass and silver ? How is it possible to survive for those who cannot manage to exchange as there are very few source to do it ?

Meanwhile, his loyal army , courtiers and merchants were praising King’s bold decision for the people, they kept praising him, even though the poor people were suffering to cope with this harsh and decisive law, those who spoken against this decision were labeled as evil doers who are creating hurdles in bringing Golden age. With everyday passed, death and chaos was in its way, many people could not believe how their hard earned gold and silver coins have became useless, they could not feed their starving children with it , could not treat their illness. The dissent voice was growing and reached to the ears of King. He gathered few people in his courtroom, and cried

Do you doubt my authority and noble kingship ? I did not get married so that i can only think of you people!

His falling tears convinced the poor innocent people present in courtroom that he must be speaking the truth, but we all know what he was upto.

To be continued …



  1. The cunning king…………………… is a readable piece. The king is certainly too sane for country men ‘s sorrows and too clean for their delights.


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