The saver of children’s Dr Kafeel Khan being in jail since last 6 months


 The grave incident of Gorakhpur where over 70 children had died because of a shortage of oxygen, crucial as medication in encephalitis cases, the saver Dr. Kafeel Khan was then being jailed by mentioning that due to his mistake the incident happened and no bail till now been given. The Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to young doctor Kafeel Khan during his visit to Baba Raghav Das hospital in his home constituency Gorakhpur said, “You think by getting cylinders from outside you have saved lives and are a hero, we will see about that.”

Dr Kafeel Ahmed with one of the distressed mother at Baba Raghav Das Medical College hospital on Saturday morning. (NBT images)

He even after being saver where he rushed trying to secure oxygen to save the dying children. It is an acknowledged fact amongst Gorakhpur’s medical community that had this doctor not taken the initiative, the toll would have been far higher. He was not even in-charge, was on duty in another ward, but rushed to save the children, working through the night. This was noted by media and was telecasted with various interviews where the doctor who in one of his initial responses spoke of the shortage of oxygen that was subsequently found not to have been renewed, because of non payment of dues. And despite several reminders by the agency Pushpa Sales to the hospital and the state government with final warnings that further supply would be stopped until the backlog was cleared. However even after these many efforts rather than applauding and acknowledging the state government Adityanath rebuked and ridiculed him in front of several staff members during his visit to the hospital.

Soon after the reprimand and after the terrifying speech by Adityanath’s ‘will teach you a lesson’ attitude according to sources who had heard him, Khan was suspended. After citizen’s interview they found him frightened and terrified and he all said was, “they are after me, I cannot speak” and switched off his phone. Others in Gorakhpur who knew him said he was scared, and under tremendous mental pressure. As a senior doctor told The Citizen, “Dr Khan is a good man, well known, diligent and did what any conscientious doctor would do. He has been penalised and jailed for a crime that is not his.”

Khan being expecting arrest but in belief of getting justice he thought no arrests would be made but his belief broke when in September last year he was arrested, along with two other doctors. He initially being lodged with them, but after two days was shifted into the general criminal ward. Sources said that recent attempts to meet him have been futile. Khan has been unable to meet visitors in recent days with the excuse that he is “suffering from high hypertension and not well.”

Khan being in jail since last 6 months with constant bail pleas being rejected and put FIR with many reasons. FIR included where filed against nine persons by the state government and was arrested later by the Special Task Force constituted for the purpose. This followed a high profile enquiry by the District Magistrate, and then subsequently by the Chief Secretary with Khan being accused of not informing his seniors in time, of taking leave without proper permission, of running a private practice against norms.

Following is the argument leading to the rejection of his bail:


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