This commercial called ‘Riso Woman’ is going viral for all the right reasons


While most people avoid watching advertisements, (especially cooking oils that show women as slaves to the kitchen), this refreshingly powerful ad for Riso Rice Bran Oil, has gone viral for all the right reasons. Thousands of women are sharing and tagging their girlfriends so they can view it too and going by the comments under the video, it seems like the commercial has stuck a deep chord with them.

The ad features a real Indian housewife who is carrying a heavy backpack, all by herself as she travels across beautiful locations in in France and Italy.


You can hear her voice questioning herself, why she is alone in a strange place away from her husband and child but the same voice goes on to explain her simple and elegant philosophy in life… to live life to the fullest, every moment.

The commercial is quite nicely written, brilliantly shot and takes the viewer along for a journey through the soul of an Indian homemaker’s into thoughts and emotions. It’s lovely to also see that companies are creating such strong and positive advertisements to sell their product instead of keeping women tied to patriarchal stereotypes. Hope to see more women like Riso women because messages like this is a big thumbs up for women empowerment and we definitely need it in India.



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