This guy threatened a girl to repeat ‘Nirbhaya Rape’ on Facebook after she deleted his comment from her image

Indian youth hold candles during a protest against sexual violence in New Delhi, India, Monday, Feb. 9, 2015.Police were searching Monday for a man who raped a Japanese student sightseeing in northern India, while elsewhere they announced the arrest of eight men suspected of brutally raping and killing a Nepalese woman, as India authorities continue to struggle to address chronic sexual violence. (AP Photo/ Tsering Topgyal)

Kolkata: Women commonly face Online harassment and stalking, worst are rape threats. Rape is a serious offence but some have trivialised the term and use it loosely to crack jokes.


A Kolkatta guy, Agniswar Chakraborty, stalked a girl on Facebook and threatened her with gruesome rape. His words have invited collective rage and criticism on social media.

“I will rape you until you bleed from your a** and beg for mercy. I will shove my feet inside your ravaged c*nt as you puke blood all over the floor. And don’t worry I will make your little fuccboi brother watch the whole thing before my friends rape the sh*t out of him and leave him breathing just barely to see how I cut your cl*t off and shove molten rod down your throat you f*cking wh*re. If I ever see your brother I will do things to him a man can only imagine. Beware C*NT .”

These disgusting, filthiest slangs were the words used by a stranger for a girl when he chances upon a photo of her, by posting a smiley on her facebook image which she deleted as he was a random person.

According to reports by Storypick website, the girl is studying and working in Australia, there is a picture on her page where she is Skyping her little brother in which she says ‘I miss you .You’re my best friend .’ In response to the message he has posted a smiley. As he was not on her friend list, she decided to delete the comment which probably caused such a sudden reaction, although it cannot be justified. The girl is in her early 20s and her brother is a 14 year old.

The perpetrator had not sent her a friend request or spoken to her ever but when she deleted his comment had the audacity to write an offensive comment.

One of our page followers who was able to get reply from Kolkata Police sent this Screenshot

The screenshot was brought to the attention of a Kolkatta activist, Pranaadhika Sinha Devburman, who runs a page called Shontu -United against Online Harassment. A FIR had been lodged against the boy. On further enquirer she found out from other people they spoke with.

“We have been speaking with a lot of his friends and co -workers and have found out that the guy actually speaks like this. He was basically called a nutjob, who doesn’t know how to behave himself, and apparently ,he’s all talk no action . That is what I’ve been told by multiple people.”

She adds that girl wants the man behind bars and wishes to receive justice. She adds “The correct steps have been taken and Iam hoping we get some justice .


Netizens have started reporting his Facebook profile and are expressing disgust against his nauseating mentality. Many netizens have tweeted against him, shown solidarity with the girl. They didn’t want this guy on loose and want stringent action against his perversive mindset.

While there were hundreds who stood in support, there were few who were having ‘ifs and buts’ directly or indirectly pointing fingers on the victim.

Harassment has to be stopped at the very onset, if one is capable of such horrendous thoughts, he might be capable of doing even worst.



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