This how Salman Nizami became target of Right wing Bridage over fake tweets


NEW DELHI, SEP 29: Born in a political family, who’ve lost his uncle and two cousin’s in militancy, his dad is a businessman and grand father two times MLA from Congress won elections when militancy was in peak in Kashmir.


He’d had no idea, that one day a strong Nationalist like his grand father and father will become a soft target of Hindutva Bridage over tweets he never tweeted. Salman Nizami, a former Journalist and now associated with Congress wrote on twitter:

“Bhakts photoshopped & shared fake tweets with my name; In my 10 yrs of Journalism/Politicial career no such statement on record. Faced bullet, lost uncle, 2 bro’s in militancy, raised tricolor in 1990’s when militancy was in peak. Still u believe hackers & made me anti-national. But BJP Supporters didn’t stop, they shared his old tweets which Nizami in many occasions has disowned even filed police complaint in 2015.

Nizami said, I cleared in media many times that I disown the tweets, the un-verified account was hacked in 2013. Some people used my name in fake tweets and circulated on social media to defame me & gain publicity. In 2013, As a responsible Journalist I always spoke against terrorism the proof is available in many newspapers including the pioneer which is on record. But some people from BJP are helbent to defame me in public. He said BJP & Modi supporters abuse, threaten opponent’s including Mahatma Gandhi most of them boast in their bio saying, ‘Blessed to be followed by PM Modi,’ which is essentially like a license and a liberty to say what they want to. Clearly, proves PM endorce them.

Every day we face such abuses and threats. Salman said from the day of his Joining in congress party the Hindutva Bridage is helbent to defame him be it abuses / fake tweets or death threat etc. Nizami was also active in JNU agitation, Kashmir unrest, Mob lynchings, and now Rohingya issue, visited many parts of India to protest against Mob lynchings. When BJP supported trolls targeted him, Nizami wrote Listen Sanghi rolls: No amount of hacking, photoshopping & trolling me would change anything about my love for my country.


You think by faking tweets and using your cyber propaganda, you can besmirch us (Kashmiris) who love India ? You are sadly mistaken. Our idea of India is greater than your bigotry and hate for some of its citizens. Nizami said “I have told the police, and soon will file a defamation case against these BJP leaders for spreading fake tweets. Nizami said these Trolls should actually question BJP’s alliance partner PDP Mehbooba Mufti who actually opposed Afzal Guru’s hanging & Burhan Wani’s encounter. I never opposed that.

Nizami’s Tweets :

In a similar incident, Pratik Sinha has also been targeted over social media with fake tweet.

Pratik has taken this to next level and filed a case with Mumbai Police.



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