This is how BJP fooled all the Indians with demonetization

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BJP in 2014 : Demonetization will not curb black money because the amount of black-money which is more than country’s GDP is in Swiss bank, it will only harm poor people and we will not let this happen.
BJP in 2016 : We have decided to curb black-money with demonetization , this will hit hard on those who hoarding black-money.
if we accept the BJP’s 2014 stance which opposed ‘demonetization’ as they claimed the actual large chunk of Black-money is not in India but in foreign banks then it will contradict with BJP’s 2016 decision to ‘demonetization’ and leave a impression that 2016’s decision of ‘demonetization’ has nothing to do with curbing black money but something else which BJP government is hiding.
If we accept the BJP’s 2016 stance which supports ‘demonetization’ will end black-money, then this will contradict with 2014 statement and thus make BJP responsible for creating hurdles for UPA government in curbing Black-money.
BJP has either done damage to common people or is responsible to curb Black Money, its your decision which crime/mistake they did.
Most of the Indians are suffering this demonetization , except BJP ministers and supporters
We read everywhere on social media how BJP ministers and supporters backing BJP Govt for ‘demonetization’ without any sympathy towards the common man suffering with inconvenience . They even justified when the deaths caused related to ban on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 as if it was nothing. Many take examples such as “ Soldiers on border can stands day and night then why cant you ? ” others takes examples of ‘standing in theater lines’ and many more such weird examples which is totally different than the current situation

Coming to the important point why all these BJP leaders and supporters are not facing trouble like the common people are facing ? Its simple, the BJP government deposited all their party funds in banks months before the decision of demonetization , all the senior party leaders and members were informed about this move.


Bank Statement of BJP Party in West Bengal
Bank Statement of BJP Party in West Bengal

More updates awaited


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