This is why Rajnath Singh claim “BJP never did Religious Polarisation” is false

Photo By Sonu Mehta/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

New Delhi : After Supreme Court ordered that no political party should ask vote on the basis of religion,caste and creed, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that the “secular” parties need to be cautious.

Photo By Sonu Mehta/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

After the Supreme Court order, the so-called secular parties should be cautious,” Singh said, adding that the Honourable court is “absolutely right” and politics should not involve caste or religion.

“BJP never did nor will it do politics of religious polarisation”, said Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday.

Stressing that the “secular” parties need to be more worried about Supreme Court’s order which asked party candidates should not seek votes in the name of religion, caste or creed.

When media asked, if BJP will raise the issue of Ram temple in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls, Singh rulled out and said the matter is sub judice.


On one side he claimed that a Political party should never ask vote of caste and religion while his own party member Mr Subramanian Swamy who is known for his critical and controversial comments said “BJP doing well in UP, but we can’t win only with development agenda, we also must bring Hindutva” into BJP election campaign.

Contradict to Swamy’s comments, Rajnath Singh said “BJP neither did politics of polarisation nor will it do in future. I feel if it was doing politics of polarisation or on religion, we would not have got clear majority in Parliament in 2014. It is for the first time in 60 year that a non-Congress party has got clear majority in Parliament. So accusing BJP and its workers and volunteers is not right,

Here is few hording BJP put on street during General election.


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There are enough evidence which proves that BJP party has always done politics on Religion using Ram Mandir, Muslims population growth, Beef etc. According to a report published earlier in 2013 on  News 18 we can see how BJP was the only party who used Hindutva banners in election.

Regarding the Supreme Court order, Singh said, “Whatever Supreme Court has said is absolutely right. I fully agree with whatever the apex court has said. Politics should not be on the lines of caste, cult or religion. Politics should be only in the name of humanity and justice.

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