Tipu Sultan died historic death fighting British : President Kovind

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President Ram Nath on Wednesday said Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan died a historic death fighting British .Addressing the legaslators in the Karnataka assembly to mark the diamond jubilee celebrations of Vidhan Soudha ,he called him a pioneer in the development of Mysore rockets in warfare .
“Tipu Sultan died a historic death fighting the British.

He was also a pioneer in the development of Mysore rockets .This technology was later adopted by the Europeans.”he said .The statement evoked mixed response in the assembly ,the entire ruling party members expressed joy by thumping the desks while there was pin drop silence on the opposite side .

“More recently, two of our finest army chiefs – Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa and General K.S. Thimayya – were sons of Karnataka,” he said.
Continuing, the President said: “Karnataka is a land of formidable soldiers. Krishnadeva Raya was the greatest ruler of the Vijayanagara Empire and remains an inspiration for all Indians. Kempe Gowda was the founder of Bengaluru. Rani Chennamma of Kittur and Rani Abbakka led among the earliest battles against colonial powers.”`

Karnataka Chief Minister K Siddaramaiah tweeted, “Congratulations to Honorable President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind for a states man like address to the Karnataka legislature. @rashtrapatibhvn”.

The BJP has opposed the state government’s annual plan to celeberate Tipu Jayanthi on November 10 and has threatened major protests in state ,the statement by President Kovind is in contradiction to the state BJP’s stand and a boost to the Congress party .The BJP and right wing organisations call Tipu Sultan a “religious bigot “,”anti-Hindu and “anti-Kannada “ ruler .Union Minister Anantakumar Hegde had written to the CM not to include his name in the list of invitees for the Tipu Jayanthi celebration on November 10. “I have conveyed to Karnataka government not to invite me to the shameful event of glorifying a person known as a brutal killer, wretched fanatic and mass rapist,” Hegde had said.

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah has decried the fact that Tipu Jayanti is being made into a “political issue”. “There were four wars against the British and Tipu fought them all.”He said, many BJP leaders like state president B S Yeddyurappa, former chief minister Jagadish Shettar and former deputy chief minister R Ashok have participated in Tipu Jayanti events when the BJP was in power in Karnataka.

The 18th century Sultan of Mysore is hailed for his courage for fighting against the Britishers and referred to as “Tiger of Mysore” by major historians . He resisted the East India Company’s conquest of southern state of Mysore .He died fighting the British in Srirangapatnam after which the Mysore became the Company’s client state .while BJP claims he harassed Hindus and Christians there is also evidence that he patronised Hindu temples and priests, and gave them grants and gifts. He donated to temples at Nanjangud, Kanchi and Kalale, and patronised the Sringeri mutt.



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