Truth of Viral picture claiming ‘West Bengal and Hyderabad police forced to clean mosques’


In the era of internet, you might be thinking to be updated with current affairs and news around you, but with growing fake news agencies you do need to check facts before you believe it, any random news you see on facebook or any social media might not always be truth.

Our team has found an year old image going viral over the internet claiming it belong from West Bengal, but that’s not the fact. Logo on police uniform proves that they are Telangana police.

Disclaimer : We couldn’t find the accurate date and reason for Telangana police officers washing the mosque, some speculate they were cleaning the mosque after someone threw pig head in mosque. But according to above image you can see they are Telangana Police not west Bengal Police.

Fake Post 1 :

Fake post 2 :

Fake Post 3 :

After claiming above picture from West Bengal few pages started spreading same fake picture claiming Hyderabad police forced to clean mosques.

Then there are many  more who spreading this image claiming it to be from West bengal police is forced to clean mosque to prove secularism.


Fake Post 1 :

Fake post 2 :

There are many more who shared this fake image.


Fact Check :

When our team investigated these images spreading lies and misinformation against West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Benarjee and West Bengal Police, we found it an year old pictures from Talangana.

Adilabad DSP Bhainsa, CI Mudhole, SIs Tanoor, Lokeshwaram & Mudhole conducted Swatch Bharath programme and clean the Temples and Mosques and planted plants at Mudhole.

Hyderabad Social media news daily had also posted this image an year ago when Telangana police carried out an CSR Activity of cleaning all religious places.

BJP’s Asansol IT head was arrested for spreading fake communal post earlier, BJP spokeswoman Nupur Sharma has been charged for spreading Gujarat Riots pictures depicting as West Bengal, all such provocative materials shared while communal violence hit West Bengal’s Bashirat District.

IOI Fact Check Report.



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