Twitterati trends “#WahModijiWah After report on Indian money in Swiss Bank


From friday evening, Twitter got aroused with three word hashtag directing sarcastic praise at Prime Minister Narendra Modi “#WahModijiWah” in messages criticising the increase in Indian funds in Swiss Banks and the fall in the rupee’s value.

It has been noted that the posts from twitter were associated with the congress party including that of its social media head, carried the hashtag.

The Congress’s main account, @INCIndia, had this to say: “The Modi government has been making repeated claims of bringing back black money since 2014, and even justified demonetisation on the same lines. This jumla [Hindi for empty promise] has been now postponed to 2019.”

The Switzerland’s central bank revealed yesterday that Indian funds in the country’s banks increased heavily in 2017, prompting one opposition leader, Sitaram Yechury, to say Indians had been “insulted and humiliated”.

Yechury, Who is a Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader pointed out to the hypocrite dreams which Modi mentioned that promises to double farmers’ incomes, and credit each Indian’s bank account with handsome sums of money drawn from unaccounted wealth recovered from overseas.

In Modi’s administration, top officials were in defence. Meanwhile, the finance minister Piyush Goel suggested advised
against “knee-jerk” reactions and promised to crack down on any illegal deposits in Swiss banks.

Arun Jaitely, who used to handle finance portfolio of Modi’s government wrote on a facebook blog that the information on Indian depositiors would be available in a few months, and anyone guilty of wrongdoing would be prosecuted. He explained that, “To assume that all the deposits are per se tax evaded money, or that Switzerland — in the matter of illegal deposits — is what it was decades ago, is to start on a shaky presumption.”

With the rupee dollar equation it came out   yesterday that the newswire Reuters “the partially convertible rupee fell to a record low of 69.0950 per dollar”. And there became a theme in the #WahModijiWah tweets.

A twitter user told that “[The] rupee is at an all time low, black money in Swiss accounts has increased by 50 per cent, and your party’s CM suspends people for putting up their grievance. It added, “But Modiji, please tell us more about how dark times were in 1975!”

The last line mentioned was the beginning of start of the Emergency, which began on June 25, 1975. A day after its anniversary i.e. on Tuesday, Modi wrote in a tweet of “a dark period during which every institution was subverted and an atmosphere of fear was created”.

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