UK’s Broadcast Regulator Ofcom Found Arnab’s NewsHour Debate Guilty For Biased Jornalism

Does he find the government’s performance in the government so extraordinary that he has never ever criticised him? Credit: Times Now/YouTube

Times Now blamed Arnab Goswami for his biased personal views presented on the news channel; and adding to it the show directly blamed Pakistan for the Kashmir crisis without taking alternative viewpoint.

The constant studies made by the regulator on the channel’s discussion on “Newshour” about the tensions arising between India and Pakistan over Kashmir and the Times Now’s coverage of the biased views on Uri attacks last year, the U.K based broadcast regulator Ofcom declared that the channel violated the broadcast code 5.9, reported Crowdnewsing. Fear is been build up due to this action whether the channel’s parent group Times Global would end up with the closure in UK due to which the regulator has given assurance to them that no other such incidence will take place and they will give training to sensitize their staff on giving unbiased news.


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Ofcom found Times Now violating UK’s broadcasting code

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There are instances made up for the understanding where the biases was taking up, instance like, “what Pakistan has done is….. openly admitted that ‘we are organizing it, we are managing it, we are funding the protests, we are financing it, we are logistically organizing it, we have our terrorists group leading it”. the report also states that the programme including direct blaming to Pakistan being a terrorist country, funding terrorists, failed state or international pariah and attacking India.


In its response to Ofcom’s questions, Times Global gives a guarded response, saying “It cannot be the purpose of our channel to exactly balance the views from Pakistan or other countries in a rigid fashion to ensure that equal voice is given to all parties.” It added that, in its view, over the range of its output it had “observed the spirit of the ‘Due Impartiality’ rule.”

The report noted that Arnab Goswami who was anchoring the show at the time, said that “we can understand some people’s views that the presenters role on these programme seemed to be rather overwhelming and confrontational and now he is no longer associated with the channel and has moved out of the organization.” And they also added that after the exit of Arnab the channel is not having any kind off personal biases and its airing in a totally different approach.

Ofcom operates under a number of Acts of UK Parliament, including in particular the Communications Act 2003. Accountable to Parliament, its role is to set and enforce regulatory rules for the communication sector.

Times Now has been broadcasting in UK since November 2015 and therefore holds a broadcast license issued by the regulator. It is therefore obliged to follow the regulator’s code of conduct. India currently does not have any broadcast regulator.



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