Unprecedented advertising of PM Modi in Philippines raises several questions


Advertisements featuring PM Narendra Modi flooded the newspapers in Philippines raising questions about the sponsors and funds for the advertisements.

PM Modi had visited Manila to attend the ASEAN summit and interacted with world leaders.

Advertisements of PM was seen on the front page of the newspapers highlighting his achievements. The aim of these ads was to boost the image of Modi in foreign media. After the pictures were seen on social media ,SM users started commenting and questioning the funding for these ads. These front page ads would have been expensive and social media users were curious to know who was funding these ads.


Also during Diwali Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to nearly 20,000 Indian-Americans in New York during his US visit was beamed live on the giant screens of the iconic Times Square which cost around 1.5 million USD. The sponsors claimed the event was sponsored by donations from Indian -Americans .




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