UP : BJP MLA skips meeting to save Muslim family from a deadly accident on Agra-Lucknow Expressway


Uttar Pradesh : Vipin Kumar from Itawa constituency is being hailed as ‘Hero of the day’ for his humanitarian act, he is being appreciated for his nobel work he did by saving three starving accident victim on Agra – Lucknow Express highway.


According to source, three people were injured badly on Agra-Lucknow expressway when their car met with an accident. There is saying that humanity comes first, when asked he said “Mere Liye wo sirf Insaan the, ye mane nahi rakhta hai ki wo Hindu the ki Muslaman the, Ek Insaan hone ke Nate mera kartabye banta hai unka jaan bachana, Main kya mere jagah par koi or hota to wo bhi yahi karta” (For me they were humans, what religion they belongs to doesn’t matter to me. Being a human being it was my moral duty to help the victims, not only me if there was someone else he would also have done same thing).

Source says, Mr Vipin was on the way for a meeting in Lucknow. He started from Agra, when he saw a crowd gathered by the side of the road he stopped the car and went to save the accident victims.


The accident had happened when their car with 5 family member rammed on a divider, one person who died was identified as Rukshan and injured victims are identified as Wawar Varish, Anish, Praveen bano and Sahjad. Driver of MLA Vipin told TOI that people gathered around were just watching, nobody was coming forward to help.

MLA Vipin immediately rushed to the spot after stopping his car and went to cover the victim’s body with clothes, then he, along with others put injured victims in ambulance and escorted the ambulance to hospital, he cancelled all his meeting in Lucknow for what he left from Agra and helped the victim in moving out of the deadly accident.

We appreciate Mr Vipin Kumar’s efforts of saving victim on humanitarian ground and adding to it we also need people like him who are generous enough.

Source : Jansatta



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