UP: ‘Kill them, they’re Muslims’ shouted mob who beaten, robbed and abused 10 members of family in Train


In another hate crime, Muslim family comprising of 10 members including women, children, elders and a differently abled teenager who were returning from a marriage ceremony were brutally assaulted and robbed by a group of youths on Wednesday in Mainpuri district.

The incident took place between Mota and Nibkarori railway stations- some 30 km away from Farrukhabad junction.5

50-year-old Mohammad Shakir, who suffered severe head injury along with fracture in right hand in the assault said, “It was a horror which I cannot forget. They attacked us with iron roads, robbed our belonging and molested our women. They didn’t even spare my 17-year-old physically and mentally challenged son.


“Horrified with the act, Shakir in shivering voice and wet eyes said, “They verbally abused us with some in the attacking group saying, “Kill them, they are Muslims”, and they continued to beat us until we went unconscious.

According to Arsaan (22), son of Shakir, “The assailants groped my mother and sister blouse and salwar torn it. They snatched their gold chains and took our luggage and jewellery. They even attacked other passengers who came to rescue us. Later the passengers abandoned the coach leaving us behind to fight the assailants.”

Arsaan said, “On Wednesday we board the passenger train from Bhongaon (Mainpuri) along with us five other youths also embarked in the coach. As soon the train left the station and reached near Mota station, one of the youth snatched smartphone in which my handicapped brother (Fizu alias Faizan) was playing video game. When I confronted the youths, they started assaulting me. They even attacked my mother and sister who came to rescue me, and kicked them in their stomach before pulling emergency brakes near Nibkarori station.”


“As soon the train stopped, the assailants jumped out of the train and called 20-25 youths who were already waiting on bike. We immediately locked the doors of the coach from inside and shut down the windows but the assailants started stone pelting and broke the emergency window panel. They barged inside the coach and again started assaulting us, while the other passengers abandoned the train,” he said.

“After the incident we attempted to contact police on dial 100, but every time, call was dropped. Later when the train reached Farrukhabad junction, the GRP took us to hospital,” he added.

After the incident, all the victims were sent to Dr Ram Manohar Lohia government hospital, Farrukhabad.

In the incident, resident of Kaimganj, Mohammad Shakir, his wife Asiya (40), Arsi (18-year-old daughter) his two sons Faizan alias Fizu (17), Arasan(22), Arif (35-year-old brother), Asif (17-year-old nephew), Shaheed (brother-in-law), Shenaz and Maenaz (sisters) were injured. Out of the 10, four suffered hand fractures, four had head injuries and almost all had internal stomach injuries.


Hate crimes against minorities have drastically increased over the past few years. Similar incident took place in Haryana where 16 year Junaid was stabbed to death in a passenger while returning after shopping for Eid from Delhi. The incident caused nationwide protest leading PM Modi to finally break his silence over the issue. But words aren’t enough to deal with the situation. Such cases of hate crimes and communal slurs are being observed on daily bases. Goons are going completely rampant and police is just a mute spectator.

Source: TOI



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