Uprising UP assault got second video viral by saying more cow slaughter allegations


Various incidents on mob lynching and assaulting people on the allegations of cow slaughter is uprising. Recently, a 45 year old man was beaten to death and thereafter in western Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur district, 65-year-old seriously injured by a mob. A video of the incident once again points to the fact that the mob that assaulted the two Muslim men were acting on cow slaughter allegations.

The attack took place on Monday, at Hapur’s Pilakhuwa village, about 70 kilometres from Delhi.

The video which git viral on social media depicts that the mob was harassing a 65 year old man n amed Samiyuddin, by abusing initially and then hitting even by pulling his beard. The mob tries to force him to say he was slaughtering a cow in their field. Blood can be seen on the clothes of Samiyuddin, who survived the assault and is in hospital.

While NDTV cannot vouch for the authenticity of the video. Same incident but different person happened where his video also went viral. The victim was 45-year-old Qasim lying on the ground and begging for water – the mob refuses. Qasim later died in hospital. A photo of him being dragged in the presence of policemen has forced the top brass of the UP Police to apologize. While the police have admitted that their conduct was insensitive and said that their personnel were acting in the heat of the moment trying to get the dying man to hospital.

The brother of Samiyuddin, Mehruddin said, “I went to the hospital and asked my brother about a stain on his thumb after I noticed it, he told me that he has no memory… the police wrote something and were asking us to sign, we were reluctant and that’s when they would have taken by brother’s thumb impression”.

On Friday, the Uttar Pradesh’s Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order), told to NDTV that there is no question of cover up and added, “Qasim’s brother gave a complaint in writing, where he spoke about the incident involving bikes. An Investigation is still on, let the family file another complaint and we will include it in the FIR.”

The Police took action by arresting the assaulter and charging them with murder case. The Hapur’s senior-most police officer, Sankalp Sharma said, “There are rumours of cow slaughter… we are investigating that angle too.”



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