Urdu poet Munawwar Rana questions PM Modi for defiant ignorance towards Muslims

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Renowned Urdu poet Munawwar Rana said Prime Minister Narendra Modi could “feel the pain” of Dalits but was “unable to hear the outcry” of Muslims.

Our Prime Minister can see as well as feel the pain of Dalits. But he is unable to hear and feel the outcry of Muslims, who are living in extreme and pitiable condition.

-Munawwar Rana

The poet through his ‘shayaris’ (couplets), yesterday, at the All India Mushayare here urged for amicable relationships between India and Pakistan.

“There should be cultural exchanges. We must allow Pakistani artistes to at least perform in India. Let us keep our hopes alive for amicable relationship between the two countries,” he said, indicating at the tensions on the Indo-Pak border.

“The Indian Army should be kept separate from politics. The Army should not be used for political gains,” he demanded.

Expressing his views on police encounters, he said:

Most are fake, only in rare cases these encounters are genuine. Earlier, police charged innocent people with possessing illegal weapons, possessing narcotics or intoxicants. Now they are being framed for spreading terrorism.

Rana said he still stood-by his words on not accepting any “awards or recognition from the government”.

“Returning awards over rising intolerance in the country was the right decision by Indian writers, poets and academicians,” he said.

 (With inputs from The Quint / PTI)


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