Uttar Pradesh: 15 accused in Akhlaq lynching felicitated with jobs by BJP MLA


The local BJP MLA Tejpal Singh Nagar. Speaking over phone with News18, Nagar said that “the family of Sisodia will be compensated to the tune of Rs 8 lakh and will get other perks” and adding to it “The boy who died (Ravin Sisodia), his wife will get a job in a primary school within a month and a compensation of Rs 8 lakh, of which Rs 5 lakh will be a single payment and the rest will come from collections made at local level,”

After the lynching of Mohammed Akhlaq in the one suspicious of consuming beef was killed and the accused in the case, all of who are out on bail, may soon secure jobs. Adding to it Moreover, the family of Ravin Sisodia, one of the murder accused who had died in jail of multiple organ failure, is soon likely to get Rs 8 lakh compensation. And the fate of others who are accused would be getting jobs in private firms working at Dadri’s National Thermal Power Corporation and some of them already working with them (NTPC). from where they were sacked following allegations levelled at them of murdering Mohammed Akhlaq.

Nagar, without alluding to them as murder accused, said “those who had lost their jobs will be reinstated within the next two months.”

So as to get the issue sorted of providing employment to the youths accused of beating Mohammed Akhlaq to death and grievously injuring his son Danish on the night of September 28, 2015 Nagar said that legal issues will have to be sorted. Nagar said that there are other many boyswho had lost their lands in acquisition following laying of a railway line. Those boys will also be accommodated with private firms within the next three months.


Agar kanuuni adchan nahi hogi to unhe bhi le lenge (if there are no legal hassles then the accused in Akhlaq murder case will be accommodated also).”

No legal hassles will crop up as since they were being employed with private contractors at NTPC.

“Private naukri mein kya adchan aayegi? (Why will employment in private firms be an issue?) Hamne unse kaha ki baahar se ladke lete ho to idhar ke bhi bachhe le lo (We told the contractors since you employ boys from outside, why don’t you take in some of the local boys also).”

The local BJP MLA said,” These won’t be permanent jobs. These boys will have to prove themselves at work to earn a permanent job. For now their arrangement will be temporary in nature.”

Mohammed Jan, brother of Akhlaq said, ” We do not have problem with people finding jobs. But what we have an issue with is that it has been two years since Akhlaq was murdered and now not only are all the accused out on bail, even charges have not been framed in the case. The whole country knows who killed Akhlaq and still the case is not moving forward,”

One of the parents of the accused out on bail, who did not want to speak on record, confirmed to News18 that he’s also heard about formalities of his sons getting jobs being done, but that hadn’t heard the final word from the employers.

The murder of Akhlaq was first reported in National Hindi Daily where the small report published in the daily read, ‘An agreement has been reached at of giving employment to Bishara village’s youth accused of murdering Akhlaq in NTPC within three months, subject to some conditions.’ The report also mentioned people between whom this agreement has been reached, and one of those mentioned is the local MLA Tejpal Singh Nagar.


Announced a year ago, According to locals in Dadri, the rush in announcing compensation to the family of the deceased accused which was was being rushed along with appointments of the other accused following a suicide in the village by the brother of one of the accused.

Accused in the case, Neeraj, brother of a juvenile set himself on fire outside NTPC last week allegedly after having found no job, as he was fired after the allegations of his brother’s involvement in the case surfaced. Locals say that this suicide bid had sparked a lot of unrest in the village following which these announcements were made.

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