Uttar Pradesh: Lady Dabang Cop who got transferred response to Yogi Govt will make you proud


Uttar Pradesh : Lady Dabang Cop Shreshtha Thakur, who took on BJP leader and sent 5 of them to jail has taken on Facebook to respond to her sudden transfer by Yogi Adityanath government.

(HT File Photo)

This morning she posted on her facebook profile,  it said, “Wherever it goes, it distributes light. A flame doesn’t have a house of its own. Got transfer to Bahraich, it’s Nepal border, don’t worry my friends I am happy ..I accept it as a reward for my good work. .u all are invited to bahraich (sic).

Shreshtha Thakur’s video of standing up to BJP leaders and giving them a tough time and lesson about law and order  had went viral earlier. After it went viral they took this as matter of pride and accused  Thakur of only targeting the BJP workers.

To which Thakur had asked them to obtain a letter from the Chief Minister  stating that BJP workers must not be bothered even when they break laws.

Taking action against BJP leader and volunteer has cost her a transfer to remote area, and according to her facebook post she seems to be happy and proud of what she has done.



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