Uttar Pradesh : Minor girl’s hand chop off by man after she dare to stop his sexual advancements


Uttar Pradesh ain’t a place for girls anymore, in a shocking, shameful and terrifying incident in Lakhimpur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh, a hand of a 15 year old girl was chopped of by a 30 year old stalker when she rejected his advances for a relationship with him.


The accused identified as Rohit Chaurasia used to work in a welding shop and had approached the girl many a times before as reported by Hindustan Times. The girl was out on shopping when the accused approached her again for a date which was rejected by her. The accused ran towards her grabbing a sword from nearby shop and in broad day light among crowded street chopped her one hand. The girl started bleeding profusely while the accused started to hit on her other hand.

The crowd quickly ran towards them and saved the girl from him after her one hand was chopped. The crowd did not let the accused run away and handed him to the police. The police has registered a First Information Report for an attempt to murder. He will be charged with the National Security Act (NSA), say the police.

Rohit said the girl had borrowed the mobile phone charger of hos brother, who got enraged when she refused to return it and launched the attack on her. However victim alleged she she was attacked when he tried to take advantage of her. Representational image

The girl was immediately taken to the District Hospital from where she was referred to the King George Medical College, Lucknow for further treatment. Pictures of the incident are circulating on the internet and will send chills in spines.

Senior police officer S Channappa said, “The police are looking into all the aspects of the case. The accused has been arrested. Charges under NSA will be be slapped on him.”

The Uttar Pradesh government established so-called Romeo Squads as a measure to women security but crimes against women especially of the kind of stalking, rapes and molestation continue to rise in Uttar Pradesh which prove that such squads are mere show-off measures and newly elected government has no solid workplan and intentions for women security. According to the report of NCRB for the year 2013, UttarPradesh along with Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal earned the dubious distinction of leading a list of states where crime against women in 2013 was highest.


Apart from the crime against women, the incident also shows lack of health facilities in Uttar Pradesh as the victim had to be rushed in special vehicle to Lucknow for treatment and no adequate treatment at local level was available.

A similar dismal picture on healthcare in Uttar Pradesh was visible few days back when more than 60 children died in Chief Minister’s own constituency due to shortage of oxygen supply. In this case however the District Collector has provided a statement that their priority is health of the victim and they shall try so that victim’s chopped hand could be rejoined at Lucknow.

Source : Huffpost



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