Uttar Pradesh: Muslim family face protest from Hindu residents after buying house in their locality


Meerut: In a bizarre incident of religious discrimination, a hindu-dominated Maliwara locality in Meerut residents allegedly stopped a Muslim man from moving into a house he had bought in the area.


According to Hindustan Times, Deepak Sharma, an office-bearer at the city, unit of the organisation Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM), came out in support of the residents and said, “Many Hindu-dominated localities like Shyam Nagar, Baniyapara, Tiwari quarters and Bank colony have become Muslim areas in the last few years. We cannot allow this to go on,”

He also added that, ” Hindu buyer would be searched to purchase the property and the money taken from the previous buyer would be returned to him.”

The house of Sanjay Rastogi in Maliwara locality that was sold to a Muslim.(Image courtesy : Chahatram/ Hindustan Times Photo)

According to Police, a jeweller named Sanjay Rastogi sold his house in Rs 28 lakh to a resident of Ismail Nagar named Noman and from that residents staged a protest when Rastogi was about to hand it over to Noman and after the police’s intervention, the two sides reached to a compromise, said by Inspector Yashveer Singh. Local corporator Sandeep Goel also supported the local residents in their protest.

Inspector, Kotwali, Yashveer Singh said “It was a matter of sale and purchase of property and both the sides reached a compromise after the police intervened in the matter and it was decided that the payment made by the buyer would be returned to him by February 18 next year.”

According to Times of India, Balraj Dungar, the Bajrang Dal’s convener for Meerut province as said, “ sinister strategy by members of the minority community to buy a house in a Hindu-dominated locality.
Over time, due to their activities, their Hindu neighbours are compelled to sell their houses to other minority families and move away. In this way, the entire neighbourhood becomes dominated by that community and there is exodus of Hindus.

Pradeep, a resident of Maliwara, said “Noman agreed not to take possession of the house if his money was returned within two months.” Rastogi said “he had been telling the residents for the last two months that he wanted to sell his house but no one came forward to help him. Noman was not available for comments and his phone was found to be switched off.”

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