Uttarakhand : CM directs police to take lady teacher into custody after she Protested at ‘Janata Darbar’ over issue of her transfer


A CM must have the patience to listen to the ordeals of those who come to him with their pleas.  But herein a 57 year old, Uttara Bahuguna who works in a government primary school in Naugaon area of Uttarkashi district demanded to be given transferred after spending 25 years in a ‘remote location’ and she made the same request to Rawat at his Janata Darbar, a public meeting where the CM hears public grievances.

In this meeting, it has been noticed that she used some ‘disrespectful language’ while seeking a transfer at the CM’s Janata Darbar in Dehradun due to which on June 28th she was suspended and taken into police custody upon CM Trivendra Singh Rawat’s instructions.

There was a video which got viral into social media which depicts that Bahuguna been seen trying to put her case across to the CM, who, after a while gets agitated and orders her suspension and arrest. After a verbal spat between the two, Rawat said, “Suspend karo ise abhi(Suspend her immediately). Take her into police custody.”

Before she was going with police and leaving Janata Darbar, it was seen that she was constantly abusing the CM. She is been booked under Section 151 of the Criminal Procedure while she was released on thursday evening.

The Indian Express reported that, Rawat as CM was seen as losing his control of his actions, had faced various criticism on social media and Uttarakhand Congress leaders objected to the Chief Minister’s “rude behaviour, and lack of patience.”

With this the Congress party’s state unit said that it is the duty of the CM to listen patiently to their citizens problems rather than losing control and taking ambiguous actions. It further tweeted that, “Citizens have the right to speak about their problems at the Janata Darbar, but abusive words should not be used.”

As per media reports, Rawat said that state’s Transfer Act and that the suspension orders were issued for Bahuguna for showing disrespect and using abusive language.

Bahuguna told to The Indian Express that, I have no problem in doing my job, but I’ve been posted in remote areas for 25 years. Before the Uttarkashi village, I was posted in a remote area in Uttarkashi district’s Chinyalisaur. My husband used to take care of my two children, but after his death, in August last year, there is no one to take care of my children. Also, I am too old to work in remote areas.”

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