Uttarakhand : Madrassas refuse to display PM Modi photo as directed


A strange directive issued by the state government after Independence day last year asked educational institutions to which were under it to display a picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in their premises and directive stated that, “take a pledge to ensure building a new India by 2022 in accordance with the vision of PM Modi and put up a picture of the Prime Minister in your premises.”


The secretary-rank officer in the state is the one who ordered to pass the directive and he also asked the institutions to inform the government about the progress made in carrying out the instructions.

The office bearers of madrassas said they will not comply with the directive “on religious grounds.” Speaking with TOI, Haji Aklakh Ahmad, the deputy registrar of Uttarakhand Madrassas Education Board, the body which oversees madrassas in the state, said, “Members of various madrassas told us that the directive was an attempt to infringe the norms of Islam. They informed us that since Islam outrightly disapproves putting up any picture inside the madrassa, so there is no question of putting up a photo of the PM.”

Right after the state government sent its directive, the minority welfare department also instructed district minority welfare officers to ensure adherence to the order and accordingly, madrassas were again informed by district minority welfare officers to “put up a picture of PM Modi in your respective madrassas.”

A Roorkee-based veteran madrassa teacher Ehsaan Saheb by
terming this “an order which may give a political colour to madrassas”, says ” The state government’s insistence to put up a picture of the PM is not possible for us since it is against our religion to do so. Also, the move might give political colours to madrassas. Our task is to instill morality and unity among children and not indulge in politics.”

The Dehradun district minority welfare office JS Rawat, when interrogated about the issue he replied that said that “the order was issued to all government institutions but we cannot force anyone to comply with it if it is against their religion.”

Source : TOI



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