Uttarakhand: Youth arrested for congratulating Pakistani Cricket Team, boycotted by lawyers

Freedom Of Speech

‌Congratulate Pakistan for winning a match against India on social media and you will be branded as an anti nationalist, you are liable to be harassed with serious communal or sedition charge. Yes, the sportiveness of the sport can now go down the drain here, now it is all emotional.

Indian and Pakistani supporters cheering together in a file photo (Google images)

Shadab Hasan a 23 year old from Laksar a small town near Roorkee, Uttarakhand, had posted a Facebook message congratulating Pakistan on the win against India for having played good cricket. And nothing else, neither did he belittle, insult or post anything against India in the post.


The Facebook post which landed Shadab in jail

This is the alleged post which landed Shadab in jail and branded as Anti-national. It was shared on many Facebook groups to incite people against him, one BJP worker Mohit Verma is alleged behind this.

Below is the horrible online lynching of Shadab by the so-called Nationalist

He later deleted that status and posted another status clarifying he never intended to hurt anyone’s sentiment and he is and will remain Indian forever.

Screen shot from Shadab Hasan facebook timeline.

वंदे मातरम,मैं सिर्फ भारतीय हूँ,किसी ओर का ख्याल ना कभी मन मे था और ना ही लाऊंगा,जब तक है जान सिर्फ भारत का कहलाऊंगा,जय हिंद जय भारत, भारत माता की जय

Posted by Shadab Hasan on Tuesday, June 20, 2017


This message is just in the sportiveness of the gentleman’s game. This shows humility and graciousness of a nation even in defeat. If anything Shadab has done is to make the nation proud by writing that message.


But no, politics has always played a spoil sport, everything once attached to politics loses logic, it becomes emotional. Even the national media or the so called puppet media in most of the establishments do not have anything other than India and Pakistan to make an issue of. Maybe because of this trollers had trolled Shadab. And they were the people who had insulted the nation by doing so. Here are the various abuses Shadab had to take over the post.

One Rohit Saini inform the group about Shadab Hasan arrest with a caption “pakda gaya suwwar gaddar desh drohi” (Traitor, Anti-National, Pig has been arrested)


FIR against Shadab was filed by Mohit Verma of Vyapar Samiti in Laksar with the support of BJP and ABVP. It should also be noticed that Mohit Verma is an aspiring politician in this case, is also aspiring for a Nagar Palika Samiti ticket from Laksar.

Shadab has been charged under section 153-A (promoting enmity between different groups) of the Indian Penal Code.

Lawyers Boycott

What is even more bizarre is the lawyers Boycott against Shadab. Swatantra Kumar the head of Laksar’s advocate association told the media “Shadab Hasan’s act was anti-national, therefore all the lawyers in the town have decided that they will not appear on his behalf in court.”

He also said, “Since his act damages the respect and reputation of India, we will not appear for him in the court,”
What does anti national mean, how grave of charge it is, do they know it?
I think not so. How did he damage the respect and reputation of the nation needs to be known.

He comes from a lower middle class family. His family owns a dry cleaning shop in the town of Laksar.

On Saturday, Shadab was produced before the additional chief judicial magistrate, who sent him to 14 days judicial custody. After Pakistan routed India in the finals of the ICC Championships Trophy on June 18.

It has been alleged that he had posted objectionable comments, in the post which now have to be substantiated. We in Irony of India in our own research here in this case have not found anything objectionable. Yes we are no judge in this, all in this article you have seen is facts and we are here not to steer your conscience.


Shadab’s kin fear for his safety

Shadab’s family is afraid for his safety one of his cousins spoke to media said , “There is fear of him going to jail for a long time if nobody fights his case.There is also danger outside as volunteers of a Hindu right wing group have strongly condemned his act. He may be attacked.

On all this Shadab’s uncle Mehboob Hasan said, “In the absence of a private pleader, we will urge the court for a public prosecutor. But, unfortunately, we are not in hurry for his bail, because we fear he may be attacked after his release. We will try for his bail after Eid when the dust is settled. I hope good sense will prevail upon our people by then.”

Police response

To all this what is even more shocking is the police officer comments who have to investigate the case.
Navin Chandra Semwal, inspector at Laksar police station, said: “The accused is a graduate and of sound mind, who runs a business. Thus, what he had done was a deliberate action. The decision of lawyers is certainly a welcome move.”

A judgement has already been made against Shadab without proper investigation from all quarters.
In the present atmosphere of emotions clouting logic and analysis of facts it is important to give the latter an upper hand. We live in a nation with constitution and no emotion is above the law and constitution.

Intolerance and interpretation are very sensitive subjects and one should always look at that subject with a lot of care and magnanimity before arriving on any coclusion. The life of a young boy is in question in this case.

Our courts guarantee everyone in this nation an impartial trail and this case a judgement has already been made by lawyers without an impartial trail. Right to Constitutional Remedies and Right to Equality and freedom of speech are fundamental rights which are applicable to every citizen of this nation.
One question though in the end even Virat Kohli had congratulated, why is no one judging him now. Why make Shadab a scapegoat.

Sources Times of India



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