Video : Gandhi will be removed from Indian currency by Time : BJP MP Anil Vij


Punjab : When reporter asked about Modi replacing Gandhi on Khadi calendar, to Haryana BJP MP Anil Vij. He said, Modi is bigger brand then Gandhi, since beginning Khadi was not encouraged due to Gandhi picture over it. Now sale of Khadi has grown 14% since after Modi started advertising Khadi.

Watch Video:

Rupee was devalued due to Gandhi’s image on it and that he will vanish from notes eventually, he said in to reporter.

At a public event in Ambala, Anil Vij said, “Khadi is not patented in the name of Mahatma Gandhi. The name of Mahatma Gandhi led to fall in sale of khadi products. Same happened with Rupee.”


“The day Mahatma Gandhi came on the rupee, its devaluation started. Gradually, he will be removed from the notes also,” Anil Vij said.

Here is picture of photoshopped new note with Modi face is going viral on social media.


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