Video : Gau Rakhshaks beaten Muslim Man To Death While People Watched in Rajasthan


Rajasthan : 5 men were brutally assaulted & their vehicle vandalised by cow vigilantes in Rajasthan’s Alwar; later 1 man succumbed to injuries. Pehlu Khan, 35, was among the 5 men who were attacked by cow vigilantes on suspicion of cow smuggling died in hospital.

According to Victim’s Uncle, Pehlu Khan was transporting Cows for diary and farming use, he had permits which was torn by Gau Rakshaks, he alleged their Muslim appearance caused their death.


Where are we heading? we are shocked to see such gruesome incident took place in a broad day light and people quietly watched, how could you watch such inhuman act happening in front of your eyes? It might be because you love cow, where were you when 500 Cows Starve To Death In Rajasthan Shelter. According to recent reports, hundreds of cows are dying in Shelters and care taker eating fund allocated for fodder.

Most BJP ruled states has witnessed growing numbers of such brutal incidents in last 3 years.

Watch Here :







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