Video : Jharkhand BJP CM Raghubar Das was welcomed with black flags and hundreds of shoes

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PATNA: Black flags were shown and  plenty of shoes were thrown at Jharkhand CM Raghubar Das in a town of Kharsawan on yesterday(Sunday) by a group of protesting tribal, they were protesting against recent changes in two important tribal land laws.

As Mr Das, who marked the second anniversary of his government in the state last week, reached the Shahid Park Kharsawan to pay homage to tribal martyrs at a memorial, more than 100 people held up with black flags and chanted slogans against the state BJP led-government. As security personnel accompanying Mr Das. Protester failed to come near him, then one of them hurled a shoe in his direction. The shoe, however, missed the target, said police who was present there.


Detailed Incident:

  1. Hundreds of tribals on Sunday gathered to pay homage to people killed in police firing at Shahid Park in Kharsawa in the state’s Seraikela-Kharswa district.
  2. Jharkhand CM Raghubar Das also attended the programme and paid homage to those killed in police firing.
  3. Considering the pre-planned protests,keeping CM and public safety heavy security arrangements were made.
  4. People started hurling shoes when Das was leaving the venue after paying homage.
  5. Scores of shoes were hurled for almost half an hour . However, none of them hit Mr Das.
  6. Black flags were shown when Das arrived at the programme venue to pay homage.
  7. People shouted, “Go back… Go back” to Das.
  8. Later, talking to reporters, Das said, It was stage-managed protest. This is an example of bad and mean politics. I condemn the incident.



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