Video : Kajol Uploaded Video Of Beef-Lentils Dish Prepared by Her Friend, Deleted After Outrage by Trolls

screen-grab from the video in which Kajol and her friend Ryan can be seen.
screen-grab from the video in which Kajol and her friend Ryan can be seen enjoying food.

Mumbai : While India has been going through lots of controversies with the growing rage over beef ban across the country, Bollywood actress Kajol on Monday posted a video on social media which shows her taking a dig at his friend who had cooked beef dish at his pop-up restaurant where all her friends gathered.


The video features Kajol with her friend Ryan, who had prepared a special dish called ‘beef pepper water with dry lentils and dry beef’ (buffalo meat). Before ending the video, the Bollywood actress also took a dig at the people who are trying to protect cows over humans and said that “We are going to cut his hands off after this.”

But, when the video went viral, She was trolled by hundreds of people who supports beef-ban, the actress deleted her post from Facebook to stop any controversy but it was too late.

Check out her video below:


but one can watch it on Instagram account of DNA After Hours.

Beef Terror

Since 2014, the BJP government has imposed strict laws against slaughter and consumption on beef, the cow vigilantes are in news for the terror they are creating against minorities and animal traders on just suspicion over beef. Many lost their lives due to beef in India. Hope people with secular fabrics come forward to remove this cow terror in India.

Kajol also clarified that the meat which was used to prepare the dish was Buffalo meat and not actually beef (meat of Cow or Oxen)

Sources : DNA



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