Video : Stones rain in Turkey, Truth or Fake


A video surfaced on internet claiming ” Stones rain in Turkey” is going viral. Many people are sharing this video along with a picture of black stones, few religious people even say its signs of “Doomsday” “Ends of Time” and few people “Everyone going f**king die guys!



There are thousands of people who are sharing this video on Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube etc, but is this true ? Has rain of stones happened recently in Turkey ? We investigated about it trying to find the truth. And we first got information about this video , it was first shared in May 2016 on Facebook as well as YouTube with similar caption, there is no other older post than this. But it seems nobody buy it that time!


Stone Raining In #Sinop #Turkey #Raining

Posted by World War Is Here on Sunday, May 29, 2016

But again it was false, these are not stones but hailstorm, its because of watery surface and poor video quality you can hardly see the objects falling on the ground, but a closer looks and slow motions reveals the truth!

Check this video

Also regarding the picture of black stones which is used as representation is from 2nd September 2015 in city of Bingöl (Eastern Turkey) Click Link . A meteorite had fallen there, it became famous after 2 months when villagers started selling those meteorite pieces for good amount, as much as $15 – $60 !

It was reported in Nov 2015. Click link
It was reported in Nov 2015. Click link

And more source : – “Stars in their eyes, villagers hunt meteorite for dollars in eastern Turkey”

:-” Finance minister says ‘no’ to meteorite tax in Turkey’s east”

Therefore the viral video about “Rain stone in Turkey” is FAKE!




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