Video : Teach them lesson like Gujarat 2002, BJP MLA Raja Singh incites West Bengal Hindus

Bhartijya Janata Party MLA H Raja Singh. (Source: ANI)

The firebrand MLA from Hyderabad, Telangana is working hard for BJP to create some votes in Telangana.


In the video he posted on social media, he can be seen saying, “Today, Hindus are not safe in the West Bengal state. Hindus in Bengal should respond to people involved in communal violence as Hindus in 2002 Gujarat did. Otherwise, soon Bengal will turn into Bangladesh.” He also asks ‘Bengal Tigers’ to awake and unite in order to protect themselves.

With West Bengal’s  Baduria and Basirhat facing violence between two community after a 17 year old posted offensive photo on facebook, Bharatiya Janata Party MLA H Raja Singh urged members of the Hindu community in the state to “respond in the same way” as Hindus in Gujarat did in 2002.


Will national media raise this hate speech news with hashtag  and question BJP government in centre, why a sitting BJP MLA is talking in this language? This may add fuel into ongoing situation in violence hit areas.




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