Video : ‘was told they were beef-eaters’ confessed arrested man who lynched Muslim youths in train

Trail of blood stains in EMU compartment where Junaid was stabbed in June, a day before Eid

The incident took place on a train in Haryana where one minor Muslim boy was allegedly stabbed to death and four others were injured on board a Mathura-bound train. Image

“One person has been arrested in this connection,” deputy superintendent of police, Faridabad Government Railway Police (GRP), Mohinder Singh told PTI.

“An altercation took place between the three brothers and some 10 passengers over a seat. The passengers allegedly passed some remarks on the three brothers, who are Muslims, and residents of Khandawali village in Faridabad,” he said.

The train was between Ballabhgarh in Haryana and Mathura when the passengers were attacked.  Junaid (17) was stabbed to death, while his brothers Hashim (21) and Shaqir (23) were injured. Singh said the condition of Shaqir was “serious”.

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The injured were called “anti-nationals” and “beef eaters”, their skull caps were thrown on the floor, they were caught by their beards and were taunted with terms such as “mulla”. Junaid was a student of Islamic studies in Surat, Gujarat along with his brother Hashim (20). The other injured are Md Mausin (16) and Md Moin (18).

Junaid’s elder brother Md Sakir, who boarded the train at Ballabgarh after being informed over phone by one of them, was also allegedly stabbed and is admitted to AIIMS. Hashim said trouble started when a group of 15-20 people boarded the train at Okhla and asked the four to vacate the seat, which led to an argument.


“One of them pushed my brother Junaid. He initially thought that it was unintentional as the bogie was crowded. But when he did it again, my brother asked them to behave. The man got angry and threw Junaid’s skull cap on the floor. The man started calling him an anti-national and asked us all to vacate the seat,” Hashim said.

“While Mausin managed to jump down, Junaid, Moin and me got stuck inside. Meanwhile, Sakir, whom I had called also boarded the train to rescue us and got stuck. The men then locked the gate and the train started again,” Hashim added. Image

He alleged that four men then held Junaid by his arms and one of them stabbed him multiple times in his chest.

“Three men held me when I tried to intervene and stabbed me thrice in the back and shoulder. One of us even tried to pull the chain to stop the train but it was not working,” he added.

He alleged that none of the passengers came to their help. “Instead, they asked those men to finish us all,” he said. The attackers then threw them out of the train at the next station, Asoti.


It is deeply disturbing to see such lynching being normalized in India due to the ignorance of the government. India is increasingly becoming unsafe for minorities. The saddest part is that the people are being brainwashed into ignoring the plight of the minorities. Sooner or later we will have to realize that we are becoming a nation of hooligans. Whether it be lynching of cop in Kashmir or the rise of cow terrorists, and now this.
A nation of lynchers can never achieve development; that slick of blood on our hands will ensure that success keeps slipping from our hands.

Watch his Confession :

Source: HT



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